Famous cities in Tunisia
City Kairouan is classified as the fourth largest Muslim center in the world

Famous cities in Tunisia with a lot of history and wonderful architecture. With almost 163,000 square kilometers Tunisia ranks 89th in the world by area. But the sights there are approximately two times more than her. The climate is subtropical and desert, temperatures rarely fall below 8 degrees Celsius.

The official language is Arabic, and a second official – French. The currency is the Tunisian dinar, the capital bears the name of the country itself – Tunisia, and is the largest city. Its population is about 11 million people. The main religion is Islam, there are many Christians and Jews.

The city-state of Carthage – one of the biggest symbols of Tunisian background, was located at the site of present-day Tunisia. The Arabs conquered the city by the Romans in the seventh century, and later became a territory owned by the great Ottoman Empire.


Sousse – ancient trading port with a rich history

Because of their meager 163,610 sq.km. area, Tunisia is the smallest country in the territory called. Maghreb. To the east it is bordered by Libya to the west – with Algeria, the north and west by the Mediterranean Sea. Southern Tunisia is located in the Sahara desert, so there is little villages.

The biggest Tunisian river is Medzherda, which flows into the Mediterranean. Tunis is the capital of the State Tunisia. The population is about 675,000 people. There are many museums and mausoleums dedicated to different characters in the history of Tunisia. Medina (with the accent on the “e”) is a kind of attraction center of the city, which also is protected by UNESCO since 1979.

There are many museums, mosques, mausoleums, tombs, some even palaces. Sousse – ancient trading port with a rich history and modern Port El Kantaoui are pearls of Tunisia. The remains of the old city medina, located on the site of today Sousse are also a major tourist attraction. The city is famous for the cultivation and trade with olive and vegetable oil. Monastir (from the Greek μοναστήριον – “monastery”).

Tunisia Tataouine
Tataouine city is the center of the southernmost region in Tunisia

Basically a big fishing center, and lately more and more tourist. There are fish (large fortress), which is its biggest attraction. City Bizerte (or Bizerte) is the oldest town in Tunisia, and most European. Located in the north of Tunisia, it is located very close to the Italian Mediterranean coast. The town is a popular tourist and resort center. City Cairoli is classified as the fourth largest Muslim center in the world, according to UNESCO.

Ukba Sacred Mosque (Mosque Cairoli) is located in the city and in it are flocking Muslims around the world – just like in Mecca and Medina. Tataouine city is the center of the southernmost region of Tunisia, located in the northern Sahara.

The city attracts many tourists, and many film companies – here are photographed quite footage of the mega “Star Wars.” There are many cave paintings. On 06.27.1931 year were found large pieces of meteorite in the city. The city appears at the end of the movie The X-Files. City Tozeyur is located oasis. There are many palm trees, lots of water, lots of vegetation.

There traditional architecture and well-known Tunisian handicrafts. There are many opportunities for camel ride. The city dominated by Berbers. Gibi city is located on the other side of the Tunisian oasis. Desert town in which they found the remains of the ancient Tunisian man – from about 200,000 years. Tourism is highly developed because of the oasis because of the Sahara desert.