Historic landmarks in Cairo
Historic landmarks in Cairo

Historic landmarks in Cairo, the majestic pyramids and the Cairo Museum will be your attention in this interesting travel guide. I start with the city itself – terribly big, overcrowded and dirty. 25 million inhabitants with suburbs. When I saw it from an airplane, it seemed to me an even bigger city.

First of all, I want to note that tourists come to see the pyramids in Giza. Giza is the oldest in Cairo and is located next to the pyramids. 200 Egyptian pounds is the entrance to the pyramids.

For “luck” right on that day, he fell to Egypt and there were many people. To tell you honestly the pyramids are huge. Not that I did not know it, but they were almost impressive. Looking at them, I already knew how they were built, but I will not tell you.

But what happens around them. For me this is real chaos. Horses ride, camels roar, constantly someone wants something from you. Crazy work, straight action. No organization, even more so that it is the emblem of Egypt.

The pyramids themselves are guarded by security guards. At every corner of the pyramid, there is one that he preserves. I have the impression that parts of the stone blocks are crushed and people are easily picked up on them. They’re steep, but I saw teenagers reaching high enough, and the guards whistled with a whistle to go down.

I even witnessed an incident. A child of about 12 years has fallen off a horse. If you want to take panoramic photos of the pyramids there is such an opportunity.

Sphinx Cairo
Sphinx Cairo

I want to end only with something that I think is important to know. Pyramids are built by hired workers, not as we have been taught in school by slaves. About 15,000 hired workers have worked every day for years.

Pharaoh paid them very well, even having a settlement near the pyramids. Below the Pyramids in the eastern direction is the Sphinx. According to the scientists, it was built before the pyramids. It is tiled with small bricks so as not to ruin the rock from which it is carved.

Here I saw some Taricians who wanted to take a picture with you and the Sphinx for $ 5. The idea is to adjust your body (hands and mouth) to different positions to get an effect. Not that you can not do it either.

The last landmark is the historic Cairo Museum. It is hardly possible to gather all the exhibits in it that Egypt has. For me, the most interesting in it are the mummies and the sarcophagi. They are behind glass partitions (for joy), because everything else (statues) can be touched calmly.

Piramids in Giza
Piramids in Giza

About $ 3 is the fee if you want to shoot. There are many exhibits in the museum and can not be seen for a short time. In my opinion, it is best where they are found there. This will be the best way for visitors to see.

Beyond the context of the article, I want to say that the city of Cairo is the dirtiest city I’ve ever visited. Many of the residential buildings are not finished, but there are satellite dishes on their roofs. I saw people on the rooftop raising goats. Most windows have no frames, but blankets or rugs are laid.

The reason for this is that no tax is paid on an unfinished building. On leaving Giza I saw sheep and cows move between the traffic lanes. What they were doing there honestly do not know, I did not even see anything to grazing.

I strongly recommend visiting Egypt, a colorful country with many unknowns. Lastly, I want to insure myself with the words: “Everything you read in the article is my reflection without my opinion.” If someone disagrees with something, they can send me a message.