Mexico Los Cabos beach
The beaches are not secure and therefore not recommended

The most interesting cities in Mexico as part of the landmarks in this Latin American country. Mexico is the northernmost country in Latin America and the third largest in the region. It is an exotic destination for Europeans, with white beaches and plenty of sun, with historic sites and relics of ancient empires. In these places ever flourished two great empires – that of the Aztec and Mayan this. See several destinations in Mexico you can visit. Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, Cancun is a coastal town in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The city is situated at an altitude of 0-10 meters, and its population is just over 500,000 inhabitants. Cancun represents an island, open on one side of the ocean, forming a lagoon. It is the largest, probably the most famous and most beautiful international tourist resort in Mexico. Its beaches are long and covered with fine white sand and its waters are crystalline, blue-green shades. Tourists can enjoy the rich cultural activities, as well as the ancient archaeological remains of Mesoamerican pyramids and museums outdoors.

Mexico Oaxaca Monte Alban
Oaxaca is an ancient city in southern Mexico

The climate is tropical, mild and humid and temperatures are regulated by the breeze. The season of tropical storms is from May to December, the most humid is September. The peninsula is often the victim of hurricanes. Major tourist attractions are opportunities to do boating, water skiing can ride or swim with dolphins. If you prefer to ride a bike almost anywhere in the resort has a bike rental. In the area there are several museums in the open, mainly the ruins of the ancient Mayan cities. In the neighboring state of Yucatan you can see the ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza. You can explore the historic town of Tulum and reserve Sian Ka’an, which is part of the richness of UNESCO. Los Cabos. Located in the southern Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos includes actually two cities – Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. The first city is suitable for shopping and entertainment, and the second is a great place to learn about local culture and history of the region. Los Cabos is well known to lovers of water sports – kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing. The beaches are not secure and therefore not recommended for inexperienced swimmers, except to the safe sectors. Eco Reserve Cabo Pulmo Marine Park even offers entertainment in a variety of fish such as snorkelling. Insiders say that the sunsets over Los Cabos have breathtaking views of indescribable beauty.

Mexico Puerto Vallarta beach
Historic town of Tulum

Puerto Vallarta is a resort town in the state of Jalisco, located at an altitude of 7 meters. The town was founded in 1851 and is named after a former state governor, Ignacio Vallarta. The hills of the Sierra Madres have been wonderful walks and beaches of fine sand, with a length of 35-40 kilometers attract thousands of tourists. You can start exploring terrain on horseback to enjoy the great views of the ocean and the mountains. The old town, Viejo Vallarta is also an interesting destination for lovers of historical sights. Even in the southern parts of the beach Playa de Los Muertos you can hear musicians and performers to see performances by dancers and admire the muscles of the well-developed fans of bodybuilding.

Oaxaca is an ancient city in southern Mexico, where you can see buildings built by the Spaniards, who are aged several centuries. The city is surrounded by green hills, and once these places were inhabited by the Aztecs and previously by the Zapotec. Oaxaca is famous for the variety of sauces to dishes, as well as the production of original chocolate – chokolatal. Since this area is the home of cocoa and chocolate drinks, you can enjoy the most authentic chocolate. In addition sweetened beverage can be consumed with spicy additions. The city is a good place to vacation for gourmets who can taste local cuisine. If you prefer to walk in nature, we recommend that you park Paseo Juárez el Llano, which has fountains, gardens, birds and various trees. Mexico City. Modern Mexican capital, Mexico City, is the place where once stood the ancient city of Tenochtitlan – the capital of the Aztec empire.

Mexico-Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve
Cancun and the Riviera Maya

It is the largest city in the country as well as in the Americas. The world capital of Mexico’s third largest metropolitan area after Tokyo and Seoul, with a population of about 22 million inhabitants. The population of the city itself did about 8.8 million people. Tenochtitlan was the capital of the Aztec empire from 1325 to 1521, when the city falls under the power of the Spaniards. The city rises to several islands in the waters of Salt Lake Texcoco. Conquistador Hernan Cortes conquered the ancient Aztec city and built on the ruins of his new Mexico City.

Mexico City is located in the center of the country in the Mexican valley in the middle of the Central Mexican Plateau. It has a height of 2240 meters above sea level and is surrounded on all sides by mountains and volcanoes. The two largest and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes are high (5230 m) and Popocatépetl (5452 m). There are increased seismic activity, with a high probability of earthquakes. Since Mexico is built on the site where it was located Tekskako lake, it has had the lake to be drained – this procedure began in the 17th century and today it is completed. Mexico City is a great starting point for a tour of the country as the airport takes dozens of flights daily from all over the world.