Kata Jute Australia
Natural rock formations in Australia will benefit mostly the diversity of nature

Natural rock formations in Australia will benefit mostly the diversity of nature – no limit sunny horizons, impenetrable tropical forests, deserts, cool mornings of the southern shores. Almost any time of the year can be visited, the summer is a good time for the beach and in winter you can ski in New South Wales, Victoria and even Tasmania.

Plan your route, you should anticipate long distances between destinations. Yet, despite the large distances, it is better to visit: Barossa Valley (known for its production of wine), the National Park St. Claire, the Great Barrier Reef, the Great okenaski time, Kakadu National Park, River Margaret Great Dividing Range, Plateau Kimberley .Some of the most popular destinations are: Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, New South Wales, Hobort.

When dinosaurs roamed quietly in the heart of Australia, a huge fireball fell into the plane and shook everything around. The place has raised a cloud of dust and debris that closed the sun and darkening skies of the southern hemisphere for months. So before 130 mil.god. born Gosses Bluff crater massive crater carved by a comet and surrounded by rocks. Initially crater reached 20 km. in diameter, and today is only 4 km. and it remained only the central part.

Gosses Bluff crater
The crater is 160km.zapad west of Alice Springs, almost in the heart of Australia

The rock that surrounds it rises 180m.nad surrounding plain. The crater is 160km.zapadno of Alice Springs, almost in the heart of Australia. Not far from the Gosses Bluff crater meteorite craters are called Henbari whose rocky slopes rooted plants. Name that Aborigines have given them a “sunny stroll on fiery devil’s rock”, suggesting that there was ochevidtsi.Rayonat about Gosses Bluff crater is sacred to the Aborigines.

Full of camps, hunting shelters and rock shelters decorated with typical red drawings left by their predzhi. The discovery of the crater Gosses Bluff crater in 1873god.se copied the researcher Edmund Goss, but doizsledvan Ernest James in 1875god. This is very interesting, made me go back to the time machine. Kata Jute that the language of the Australian aborigines means “many heads” is a group of more than 30 red rock conglomerate that rise above the desert plains of the Northern Territory in Australia.

Some of the rocks are tightly clustered together, separated by narrow vertical slits. Others who have been subjected to the action of the wind, are scattered at a certain distance from one another. The highest is Mount Olga (1066m.nadm. In. And 546 m. ‚Äč‚ÄčAbove the surrounding plains), from which comes the name of the whole area Olgas. It is called Queen Olga Vyurtembergska in 1872 after first area was studied by a white man.

Uluru rock
Domed rocks in eastern identify with the ancestors of Aborigines who are known as female mice

Like the nearby them Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kata Jute is a sacred place for Aborigines and is mentioned in their creation myth known as “Dreamtime”. For natives of Australia Olga rock massif is home to a snake Uanambi that during the rainy season, hiding, curled up in water-filled hole of the rock slope.

During the drought it down to the gorge below, and also used many of the caves Kata Jute. According to legend, the hairs on its chin are dark lines on the eastern side of the rock. Her breath is the wind that blows through the gorge and, when angered, might cause a hurricane. Domed rocks in eastern identify with the ancestors of Aborigines who are known as female mice.

The food that was prepared for them are two large rocks near Mount Olga. The rocks in the southwest are venomous snakes male. Liru was their camp before heading to war with harmless snakes in Uluru. The rocks in the eastern part are -mazhat Malu Kangaroo, who died of his wounds by dingoes. Malu was leaning against the rock that is his sister Mulumura woman lizard that it swaying in his arms. Pungalunga are stone bodies of giant cannibals.