Resort cities in Malta
Resort cities in Malta which will make you dive into ancient architecture reminiscent of knights

Resort cities in Malta attracts thousands of tourists from Europe each year. When you say the name Malta or hear someone else to utter in you will undoubtedly emerge countless associations exotic, wonderful relaxing vacation azure blue waters and fine sand caressing your feet. Along with all this, the medieval walls and magnificent baroque churches, attracting every year more and more tourists.

Visitors to Malta flock daily seeking new adventures to suit the interest and curiosity. Attracted by the fresh seafood, historic buildings and colorful traditional villages – a triumph of vividness in the Mediterranean country. What makes Malta unique is that so much of her past have been preserved until today.

The islands are relatively small in size but have a remarkably large number of sites of World Heritage: numerous prehistoric temples; Hypogeum – prehistoric underground labyrinth with room, probably used for funerals or rituals; Valletta – “Baroque capital”, founded by the Knights of St. John. Other major attractions are the medieval Maltese capital – Mdina, the fortified Citadel in Gozo and the thick walls surrounding Valletta.

cities resort in Malta
Resort cities in Malta attracts thousands of tourists from Europe each year.

For centuries rumors that the Knights of Malta, participated in the Crusades, built an underground city on the Mediterranean island of Malta. This stirs thoughts of secret routes and military labyrinths. Now it is an open network of tunnels under the historic capital of Malta, Valletta, researchers say.

But the tunnels (which may be part of ahead of its time irrigation or drainage system) can be broken down into pieces previous theories. Located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese archipelago includes the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino and few bare rocks.

The islands are like a big museum otkrito.Strategicheskoto situation of the country has predetermined its historical destiny and has become a home fortress, a commercial center and refuge for many civilizations. Valletta is the magnet that attracts Tours. but where else would you find so many masterpieces in one place? The biggest among them is the Cathedral “Saint John”.

On both sides of the nave are 8 sumptuously decorated chapel. No doubt this is one of the most krasivita cathedrals in the world. Nearby is the Palace of the Grand Masters. Strict facade behind which lies a lavish Kremlin Armoury and the excess bezyrayni corridors and halls. The palace was the residence of the Maltese president. The streets around the cathedral are dotted with countless shops.

Almost the whole of Valletta is closed to cars, the only way to move the carriages are gathered in the piazza opposite the National Library. The capital is named after its founder – Grand Master Jean Paris La Valette, whose former palace, built between 1571 and 1574, today houses the Parliament of Malta.

Beaches in Malta
The beach is relatively small in size but have a remarkably

This is perhaps the most curious building in the city. Its many halls to this day keep the masterpieces of art, which covered the walls and ceilings weapons collect amazing collection of armor and one of the most valuable exhibits in the palace is the coach of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Another city that deserves the attention of tourists is undoubtedly the “silent city” – Mdina. It is full of old Neolithic temples and aristocracy to turn the place into a treasure that keeps the spirit of the first settlers and their heritage. Fully preserved fortress with strong and thick walls, surrounded by reefs, you can only hear footsteps and a breath of wind. Not to be missed and Gozo.

The city is green and quiet. Tourists remain fascinated by picturesque villages and farms and here and there a citadel. What else can you do in Malta but to enjoy its rich culture and centuries-old landmarks? Do not miss the market in Valletta, where you can mingle with the locals and other tourists can learn more useful information about the country. In summer, when average temperatures reach 35 ° C, the Mediterranean e extremely attractive for its clean waters.

Fortunately, a small island like Malta everything is located near the shore. The sandy shores of Birzebbuga’s Pretty Bay, Golden Bay, “Ghajn Tuffieha”, Paradise Bay, Gnejna and Mellieha Bay are always filled by bathers people who laze spend imperceptibly time. Rocky beaches as Sliema’s, Delimara, Zurrieq and Marsascala are “overwhelmed” by people mostly over the weekend or after traditional rural celebrations.

Among the most popular beaches in Gozo are Marsalforn, Ramla 1-Hamra and Xlendi, and in Comino Blue Lagoon and Santa Marija Bay are sought because of their preserved beauty. Many of the beaches is possible to rent beach chairs and umbrellas and equipment for water sports such as water skiing, pedal boats, windsurfing or jet.

For the more advanced there is nothing more attractive than water diving in the waters of the Mediterranean. Malta, Gozo and Comino, three rocky island in the middle of the Mediterranean south of Sicily, are the most popular location for scuba diving in Europe. There really is nothing to see here!

The crystal clear water allows you to see underwater landscape with all its raw solemn beauty. Strict, clear lines of rocks and gaping mouths of caves, gorges and crevices in the rocks attract attention and charm … fall into the cave will not stop amazed by the wonders of nature that is sculptured from stone and sand such sculptural masterpieces! Although the area Gozo is twice smaller than Malta, noteworthy dive sites here are more!

The most famous place of Gozo and Malta across is the “Blue Hole” This is the natural well with vertical walls, which was formed in the rocks somehow and is surrounded by picturesque canyons. Once you go down into its circular mouth, you actually think you got in a hole. Seen from above, from the mountains on the background of brick red rocks, it really shines a light blue window.