Unique sights of Madeira
Unique sights of Madeira magnificent vegetation, numerous flower gardens

Unique sights of Madeira magnificent vegetation, numerous flower gardens, great combination of tropical climate, ever-green forests, historic monuments and so on. Here it is – Madeira. It located approximately 600 kilometers from the coast of Morocco and 1,000 km from the Portuguese capital Lisbon, north of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Madeira is a popular resort for years.

It enjoys a year-round undying interest from tourists. This is because of its natural beauty, subtropical climate, famous wine, unique flora and fauna, as well as grandizoznoto show on the occasion of the New Year, which is one of the most lavish in the world.

Madeira has a sister island, which boasts a wonderful 9 km beach and a superb golf course. For the comfort of every visitor will cater moderate climate, well developed tourist infrastructure, diverse landscape, the abundance of food and wine.

Madeira Faial panorama
Unique sights of Madeira impressive volcanic caves and breathtaking views of the abundance of food and good wine

This is the perfect place for those who love peace and quiet, and especially nature lovers. Madeira also offers enough attractions and entertainment to satisfy the most demanding visitor. For its size Madeira will iznena a huge variety it offers will tempt you to stay more and more until finally want to ostanaete there forever.

Historical monuments, squares and streets of the capital Funchal, in fabulous parks, picturesque villages, neveroyatnipeyzazhi, impressive volcanic caves, rugged coastlines, kravyusivi natural beaches and breathtaking views. Do not forget forests on the northern slopes of Madeira, which are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Museum of Madeira is dedicated to a wide variety of topics and aspects of the island’s history, including religious books, contemporary art, Christopher Columbus and so on. It reveals the history of the island and its razvititeo. Informational center will give everyone craving for adventure tourist information about all the possibilities for adventures and attractions such as bungee jumping, climbing walls, golf courses / sport of the rich can be practiced year round Madeyara.

Madeira gardens
Historical monuments, squares and streets of the capital Funchal

Here’s what you can do during your stay: swimming, sailing, surfing, horseback riding, tennis, diving, fishing, fly a helicopter ride over the air in a balloon, and a wide range of shopping opportunities, numerous restaurants, restaurants and evening entertainment. Madeira is a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers. Here live several endemic species of birds, an important place is the breeding ground for many seabirds.

What I most impressed me was the unique variety of flowers and especially the way were arranged in the gardens near the houses, parks. 17th century’s most important product that Madeira is famous for it’s wine. They produce 4 types and what you choose during their stay there will not regret my choice. And serve as a great gift for friends or simply add another bottle kolektsita. Here the hotels are pretty good level and quality of service is impeccable. We all need to feel comfortable, to forget about the cares and enjoy the lovely island.